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Aged Care Cleaning

Medical Centre Cleaning

We offer meticulous aged care cleaning as well as medical centre cleaning throughout the Perth area.

Aged care and medical centres are unique environments which require a thorough and reliable cleaning service. 

We specialise in these industries, knowing the rules and regulations that govern both aged care cleaning and medical centre cleaning – we are proud to service these environments in a professional manner. 

Aged care and medical settings need a comprehensive cleaning service which we understand, especially in the case of an infectious outbreak. 

Outside of providing our general high standard cleaning service, we respect the environment of your residents, patients and staff, ensuring all areas are cleaned, disinfected, and high touch points are regularly sanitised.

Outside of satisfying requirements of safety, health, hygiene and aged care compliance regulations, we deliver a faultless Aged Care Cleaning and Medical Centre Cleaning service which meets regulations and respects the rights of the elderly and patients to reside in a clean and safe environment.


With over 25 years of experience, and over a century of experience between our team, we understand the needs and activity of Aged Care Cleaning and Medical Facilities Cleaning.

Quality Assured

Your site supervisor will do weekly quality assurance inspections and monthly cleaning audits against the written cleaning schedule for your site, to ensure your requirements and standards are maintained to your 100% satisfaction. 

Competitive Pricing

Not only do we keep our pricing affordable for Aged Care Cleaning or Medical Centre Cleaning, but we offer greater value for money with our service and standard of care.

Emergency Response

Our own quality assurance procedures are generally able to preempt, if not prevent, issues from arising, but if a problem does arise, or you’d like something given more attention, you can count on us, as our guaranteed response time is 4 hours.


We are not a large franchise, we are a Perth-based family business that provides a high standard of personalised service and a guaranteed response time of under 4 hours for emergencies.

Service Excellence

Not only do we ensure a high standard of cleaning, but we also pride ourselves on providing a first rate service also. Our staff are trained to the highest degree and the products and equipment we use are of the highest quality. 

Above and Beyond

During the peak of the pandemic, our cleaning services were praised by countless clients for being thoughtful, proactive, and preventative.

Recent examples of our commitment to our clients include adding a staff member at 2 Aged Care Facility head offices to sanitise high traffic areas every night to ensure reduction in the spread of covid.

We were not asked to do this additional task and we did not charge our client extra. We did it because it was necessary in keeping the premises hygienic and keep everyone residing there safe.

We’ve been known to go to extreme lengths to fulfil our commitment to our clients, and we have no plans to stop anytime in the future!

aged care cleaning

Medical and Clinical Cleaning

Hospitals, surgeries, medical clinics, laboratories and aged care facilities alike, all need the highest standard of cleaning to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for staff and patients.

At Art of Clean, our highly trained and experienced staff use high quality products and sanitation techniques to ensure a thorough clean, every single time.

Thanks to our expertise in clinical settings, we understand the importance of infection control, in order to avoid the spreading of allergies, germs, and bacteria. 

From general cleaning tasks, to more specialist cleaning and sterilisation of equipment and machinery, we provide a tailored service to suit your needs, all while adhering to the strict regulatory standards and compliance policies that govern healthcare settings.

With Art of Clean, you can have peace of mind knowing your staff and clients are in safe hands of medical cleaning professionals.

Aged Care Cleaning

Our unwavering commitment to excellence extends prominently to the realm of aged care cleaning in Perth. At Art of Clean we take great pride in surpassing conventional standards, reflecting our deep appreciation for the well-being of the elderly.

In the sensitive environment of aged care, where every detail matters, we believe in crafting spaces that transcend mere cleanliness. Aged care facilities should be more than just clean; they should exude a homely ambiance that ensures residents can thrive and relish their later years in comfort and security.
Our dedicated staff understands the significance of respecting the rights and personal space of the elderly.

With meticulous attention to detail, we not only ensure a spotless living environment but also prioritize the sanitisation process to mitigate the risk of infection outbreaks. Our mission is to transform aged care spaces in Perth into havens of cleanliness, safety, and comfort, embodying our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our elderly community.


We are incredibly passionate about delivering the best for our clients. Here’s what they have to say about our work

“As a result of the weekly cleans, we have had no outbreaks of Covid and the place always smells fresh when we go in the morning afterwards. It is reassuring to know that the place has a really good clean to all the high touch areas once a week.”
R. Priya
Aged Care

Aged Care Compliance

At Art of Clean, we understand and adhere to the aged care quality standards, ao that you can rest assured that our cleaning meets those standards and exceeds your expectations.

Our cleaning procedures are aligned to the ISO Standards for 45001:2018 Health and Safety and 9001:2015 Quality.

Cleaning services are a crucial element in the delivery of the Aged Care Quality Standards, particularly in regards to the health and well-being, comfort, and safety for your residents and visitors.

We have a thorough understanding of these standards and are up to date with all national and state Health and Safety Standards relating to Aged Care.

Why Choose Art of Clean?

Being cleaning experts who’ve operated in Perth for over 25 years, we’ve managed to create a service that combines a top quality standard of service with high quality cleaning, and we deliver this with competitive pricing.

With our Aged Care and Medical clients, it’s important to us to take care of those who care for a living. 

How We Work

Once you leave your details with us via our contact form, our team will get back to you as soon as possible, with a 4 hour response time guarantee for emergencies.

We will then come on site to review your premises and build a cleaning plan to suit your needs and preferences.

We then create a cleaning schedule for your premises and your commence cleaning service. 

Your site supervisor will do weekly quality assurance inspections and monthly cleaning audits against the written cleaning schedule to ensure your requirements and standards are maintained to your complete satisfaction.

Our own quality assurance procedures ensure that any emerging issues are picked up before they arise. However, if you ever want an issue given attention, or an emergency cleaning situation handled, we respond quickly to issues with a guaranteed response time of under 4 hours.

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