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COVID19 / Sanitisation

Keeping your clients, staff, and premises safe is paramount to any business. 

Whether you’ve had an outbreak of virus or are simply looking to cleanse and protect your workplace, Art of Clean is ready to get you back to business in no time. 

We conduct specialised deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitation which will protect your work environment for up to 30 days.

Rapid Response

We have  a guaranteed response time of under 4 hours for emergencies and in most cases, businesses are back to operating as normal within hours of our treatment. Large commercial spaces can be treated after hours to ensure minimal disruption to their workspace.

Trained Staff

We have specialist COVID19 cleaning staff who are trained to deep clean your premises using effective procedures and high grade disinfecting products and equipment. They wear appropriate PPE and understand the needs and requirements or various business settings.

Compliant Cleaning

The cleaning and disinfection process provided is in alignment with the Infectious Disease Guidelines from the Department of Health. Our processes also strictly adhere to the National Code of Practice for the Control of Workplace Hazardous Substances.

TGA Approved Products

All the products used by Art of Clean are approved by the TGA as effective treatment in killing the COVID19 virus. The deep clean and 2 step disinfection process we use ensures that 99% of surfaces will be treated.

High Standards

We are equipped to clean and disinfect commercial, residential, medical, and aged care facilities following a known or suspected exposure to an infectious disease. Even if you are not a healthcare provider, we will provide the highest standard of cleaning and guide you throughout the process.

Our COVID19 Cleaning Process

At Art of Clean, we use a two step process to ensure maximum disinfection of all surfaces within your premises. 

Step 1: Manual Disinfection

All high touch surfaces will be wiped down with disinfectants that have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for use against COVID19 and other harmful microorganisms.

Frequently handled items (such as remote controls, air conditioning controls, light switches, door handles and drawer/cupboard handles) are wiped with disinfectant first then sprayed for ultimate coverage.

Step 2: Fogging Disinfection

A fogging machine containing a TGA approved disinfectant ensures that every surface is covered using a fine mist of product.

This is the most effective way to ensure that all surfaces, even the hard to reach places, are treated by the disinfectant.

All soft furnishings, such as lounges, chairs, bedheads, pillows, cushions and curtains are thoroughly fogged to ensure that they are disinfected.

Disinfection Options for Fogging

At Art of Clean, we provide two options for fogging, depending on your needs and preferences.

Both treatments will eliminate bacteria, viruses, and COVID19, however, the difference is in the longevity of protection and pricing.

If you’re unsure of what you need or would like to find out more about the different options available, chat with one of our friendly customer service staff.


Option 1: Instant Disinfection

We use a cleaning agent called Netbiokem that instantly sanitises and disinfects all surfaces it comes into contact with. 

Netbiokem is a water based, non-flammable and non-toxic formulation providing an instant result, killing SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus, and other viruses, in just 2 minutes.

It is also effective on other microorganisms, including the Poliovirus, Murine  hepatitis, Norovirus, Escherichia coli (E coli), Adenovirus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Influenza A  (H1N1), Salmonella choleraesuis, Proteus vulgaris and Staphylococcus aureus (Golden Staph). 

Netbiokem is the cheaper of the two options, as it doesn’t create an ongoing protective layer to the surface. This means that once the surface is disinfected and sanitised, recontamination can occur and will remain on the surface until cleaned and disinfected again.

Option 2: Longer Lasting Protection 

While this is the more expensive option of the two, longer lasting protection ensures your premises is protected by a long lasting, invisible barrier which defends surfaces against microbial attack (and biofilm formation), continually for up to 24 hours on high touch surfaces and up to 30 days on low touch surfaces.

Siquara Hospital Grade Disinfectant kills >99.999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi and is effective against COVID-19. 

It is also effective in the elimination of and protection against, the following microorganisms: Legionella, Escherichia coli  (E coli), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus Hirae, Salmonella choleraesuis, and Aspergillu.

COVIDsafe Cleaning Plan

At Art of Clean, we take all cleaning seriously, especially when it comes to the health and safety of our clients.

Download our COVIDsafe cleaning plan for more information about our decontamination and sanitisation procedures.

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